FAQ's About CBD Products

Have some questions? Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you still don't find your answer, simply head over to our contact page and shoot us an email.

  • What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and one of the most abundant and powerful components of hemp. CBD is safe to consume and is non-psychoactive. All of our CBD is 100% natural, and we never use isolate, only full-spectrum CBD oil.

  • Do you test your products for quality and safety?

    Yes. CBDPure prides itself in having the highest standards for quality, purity and potency. CBDPure is third party tested for: Cannabinoid Profiling, Pesticide Testing, Microbiological Screening, Terpene Analysis and Residual Solvent Testing. All of our lab tests are publicly available on our website, for every CBD product we sell.

  • Where do you source your CBD oil from?

    Our oil is made with hemp grown in Colorado and Washington on our family farms and is 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

  • Will CBD make me feel "high?"

    No. You will not experience a "high" feeling from ingesting CBD oil. The CBD oil used in CBDPure is derived from industrial hemp and is non-psychoactive.

  • Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

    CBDPure products, crafted with full-spectrum oil, include trace amounts of THC, always under the federal legal limit of 0.3% by weight. While they are fully compliant with federal laws, there's a possibility they might appear on a drug test. If drug testing is a concern for you, we advise consulting with your healthcare provider or employer prior to using our products.

  • Are there any negative side effects?

    CBDPure is safe, non-psychotropic and has no known adverse side effects. It is safe to use and well-tolerated by most people. Our CBD can be taken with food or water if you prefer.

  • What is CO2 extraction?

    CBDPure uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to draw the desired phytochemicals (such as CBD) from the hemp plant. Our process is free of any harsh chemical solvents often used to extract CBD oil. CO2 extraction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also considered the most expensive and safest plant extraction method in the world.

  • Do you offer a return policy?

    Yes. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why your order is backed by a 90 day money-back guarantee. You can return your order for any reason for a full refund of your purchase price. We want you to be thrilled with your decision to try our CBD, so we make it risk-free to see for yourself what CBDPure can do for you.

  • Where can I buy CBDPure Oil?

    While our line of CBD products is carried by local health stores and retailers in many states, the easiest way to purchase CBD is online, from our Order CBD Online. You can order CBD oil, softgels, and topical cream safely and securely online direct from us.

  • Can you ship CBDPure to my state or address?

    With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, we can ship CBDPure to every U.S. state. We do not ship internationally outside the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

  • What Does USDA Certified Organic Mean for CBDPure Products?

    USDA Certified Organic for CBDPure means that our product meets the stringent production and processing standards set by the USDA. This ensures that our CBDPure is made from organically grown hemp, free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing a pure and natural product for your pets.

  • How Does Organic Certification Affect the Quality of CBDPure?

    The organic certification ensures that CBDPure is produced in a way that maintains the natural integrity of the hemp plant. This enhances the quality of our CBD, ensuring the presence of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, which are crucial for the effectiveness of the product for your pets.

  • What Steps Are Taken for CBDPure to Achieve USDA Certified Organic Status?

    For CBDPure to achieve USDA Certified Organic status, it must meet comprehensive criteria. This includes using organically grown hemp from certified farms, ensuring the CBD extraction process is certified organic, and using certified organic carrier oils. Our manufacturing process adheres to organic standards, including strict guidelines for packaging. All these steps are rigorously reviewed by a certified body to ensure compliance with federal standards for organic products.

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