The Best CBD Affiliate Program

CBDPure is one of the leading affiliate programs for CBD. With an industry leading 40% commission rate, your traffic gets monetized better when you promote CBDPure. Combine that with our outstanding affiliate support and almost 20 years of experience and you get a winning combination.

If you have CBD, wellness or other cannabis related traffic, then you need to join the CBDPure affiliate program. Don’t waste your time with other affiliate programs that only pay you a fraction of what your traffic is worth. Get started with CBDPure and truly maximize your earning potential.

Why Partner with CBDPure

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40% Commissions: Earn higher commissions with CBDPure’s 40% commission rate. With an average $42 commission per transaction, you simply make more money with CBDPure.


Higher Conversions: When you win, we win, which is why we continually strive towards higher conversion rates. We are always testing to make sure you earn as much as possible.


Tracking and Reporting: CBDPure affiliates have access to an intuitive dashboard with advanced reporting on your traffic and sales, including all the data points you care about.

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Conversion Assets: We offer high-converting creative assets so that you don’t have to take the time to design them yourself.


Experience: With almost two decades of experience marketing health and wellness products, we know what the customer needs and this translates into better conversions for you.


365 Day Cookie: Our industry-leading 365-day tracking cookie ensures that every last one of your sales is accounted for, regardless of the sales cycle length.


Direct Access: Whether you are a super affiliate or an upstart blogger, we want to work with you and are committed to your success. When you work with us, you will have direct access to an experienced affiliate manager that can help you earn more.

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Postback Tracking: We offer postback tracking so that you can track your commissions in your favorite third-party campaign tracker.


Personalization: Our team can create customized landing pages to suit your unique goals, custom coupon tracking, and other one-of-a-kind solutions to maximize your earning potential. Contact us anytime to discuss your unique requirements.

Get Started with CBDPure Today

Signing up is quick and simple! The registration application just takes just a few minutes to complete. We’ll review your application within 24 hours and will email you everything you need to begin earning commissions! Contact our team with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Start Earning
Commissions Today

It’s time that your traffic starts working harder for you. CBDPure’s affiliate program is the perfect way to make the most of your valuable traffic.

  • Earn 40% commissions
  • 365-day tracking cookie
  • Free U.S. wire transfers (minimum payout required)
  • Industry-leading tracking
  • Best-in-class reporting