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Why We Do Not Make CBD Gummies

July 29, 2020

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Why We Do Not Make CBD Gummies

July 29, 2020

As the public interest in CBD has exploded, more and more niche products have been popping up all over the CBD landscape. 

You can hardly turn your head without running into some new, exciting way to ingest or apply CBD, or see some brand-new product that suddenly somebody in a meeting somewhere decided would be improved by adding CBD to it ( CBD toothpicks anyone?).


At CBDPure, we built our business on pure CBD oils. Grow the finest organic hemp we can, extract it gently using only cold-pressed CO2 extraction, filter it to desired potency, add no ingredients, preservatives, or anything else not found in nature growing in the hemp plant, and then bottle and store it at our own facility. 

A simple approach really, and it served us, and our loyal clients, very well for years.

But, some people don’t like the taste of natural hemp (it can be a little bitter-tasting to those unused to it), and oil droppers can be a little messy, or sometimes you want CBD on a specific aching joint or muscle, but don’t want to get out the oral drops. 

There are always just a couple tiny improvements that seem easy to make, while always trying to give the customers what they want. We understand, so in the face of what seemed to be very reasonable requests by our clients, we expanded our range a bit.

Instead of having just 3 potency options (300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg CBD oil) of our world-renowned CBDPure oil, we added softgels, for convenience and high-potency daily dosing. Our softgels took what people loved about our full-spectrum oil, and put in a precisely-measured softgel capsule, easy to swallow and neutral in taste. 

The next year, we learned all we could about how to harness the power of CBD into an absorbable form that would work topically when rubbed directly onto targeted painful areas, and our Muscle and Joint Formula was born. Both of these CBDPure additions were a success (after many, many hours in the lab), and we are glad we did it. Both these products were developed after requests from customers, and became important members of the CBDPure family.

But we draw the line at gummies.

We aren’t going to make CBDPure gummies, not next year, not ever. You’ll never be able to buy a gummy with true CBDPure full-spectrum oil in it. It’s not because we didn’t consider it. We get requests nearly every single day, “Do you have gummies?“, “I’d really like to take your oil, but in a sweet , strawberry-mango-milkshake flavor“, “How come I can’t buy CBDPure gummies at my favorite health store?” 

Questions like these sent us to the drawing board to determine; Could we make a gummy product (yes, certainly) and would it be something we were proud enough to put the CBDPure name on (Nope, more about this later). 

Many meetings and discussions were held, chemists were talked to, gummies in all shapes, sizes, and flavors were sampled. In the end, we decided gummies was not a direction we wanted to go with CBDPure, and here’s why.

Gummies in hand

First, a quick cooking lesson that we had to learn, and every confectioner or candy-maker already knows. In order to make gummies, you need multiple ingredients; you can’t do it just with constituents of the hemp plant. You can’t just put hemp oil, cannabidiol, some terpenes, and some flavoring into a gummy “shape” and expect it to work. 

Every popular CBD gummy on the market contains at least a dozen ingredients, at least eleven of which, ARE NOT CBD. Now, for some brands, this isn’t a problem. They want to make a CBD product that tastes sweet, and is as approachable as something from the candy aisle, so throwing a bunch of corn syrup, Red #40, white sugar, a little bit of actual CBD, then some binders and fillers to make it all stick together and stay shelf-stable, is completely fine for them. For us, it’s not that simple however.

Our brand is CBDPure, and that name was not chosen by accident or by some corporate committee in an office conference room somewhere just because it did well with focus groups. Our name has Pure in it for a reason; our ingredients are just that. 

We use naturally-extracted hemp oil that has been minimally-processed to provide not only a large amount of cannabidiol, but also the other natural terpenes and cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant, and nothing artificial is added. Natural full-spectrum hemp oil doesn’t taste, look, or stick together like the typical gummy candy you see in every convenience store or candy shop, and there is a reason.

CBDPure oil bottle

Any so-called “CBD gummy” is much more candy and other artificial ingredients than it is actual CBD, or else it would dissolve into a smelly, sticky mess. To put CBD into a gummy at all, you have to, at best, mix it carefully with a bunch of other ingredients, with most of them made in a lab and not by a growing plant from the soil. 

The even cheaper method used by some companies is to take a standard candy gummy, and simply dip or roll it in cheap CBD isolate, a process called “sanding”. All those sour or sugary candies you had as a kid, with the sticky granules on the outside that made a mess of your hands and shirt? 

That is the same process by which adding CBD isolate (not even full-spectrum CBD) is done to these candy gummies. It’s an incredible inaccurate way to dose, since one candy could have more of the powdery sand on it then the next one. 

You can’t make full-spectrum oil into a powder that can be applied this way, so only less-effective isolate will work. In short, you can either have a true-to-nature CBD product just as it was grown in nature, or you can have a pseudo-CBD “gummy” that is sweet like children’s candy, but you can’t have both.

For us, the choice was clear. CBDPure is, and will always be, about purity and natural ingredients. For those looking for a real CBD product in its most natural form, we are glad to have you and hope you choose us for your health needs. 

For those looking for gummy candies in bright colors with exotic flavors like strawberry-banana and just the letters C-B-D on the outside of the bottle, maybe next to a cartoon bear? Good luck to you, the candy store is just down the road.

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