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Why is CBD Testing Important?

November 28, 2018

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Why is CBD Testing Important?

November 28, 2018

Some may wonder why CBD oil testing is important, or if it is even necessary. 

Because the government does not require any CBD supplements to be tested, some people assume (incorrectly) that there is little benefit to seeing any tests done on a CBD product, and they rely solely on the label or the promotional sales copy of the company. 

Unfortunately, not all CBD oils are created equal, so it’s important to have true testing performed, on every batch or lot number, by an independent third party for a number of reasons.

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Hemp is a Bio-accumulator

As any farmer growing industrial hemp can attest, the hemp plant is a powerful bio-accumulator. 

What this means is that any chemical, fertilizer, or toxin in the soil in which it is planted, the plant will rapidly absorb it. 

The hemp plant roots will pull it from the ground and accumulate it in plant’s cells. 

This makes hemp wonderful for phytoremediation, where pollution or chemicals can actually be cleaned up from the earth by planting hemp that draws it up from the ground, cleansing the soil in the process. The hemp plant literally “soaks up” contaminants from the earth. 

Unfortunately, this tends to concentrate such unwanted substances in the cannabinoids of the hemp, much like sushi from fish in polluted waters can have very high levels of mercury. 

For this reason, it’s important to use hemp that is grown on pure farmland, to avoid getting higher concentrations of these chemicals in the CBD that is extracted. 

Our full-scale testing procedures check for the presence of such contaminants, both at harvest and during bottling of our CBD oils.

Labels Don’t Tell the Whole CBD Story

A recent well-publicized study indicated that 69% of CBD products were in fact mislabeled, and did not contain the amount of cannabidiol as their labels claimed. 

While the study only included a small number of random sellers of CBD, the news wasn’t positive. 

The majority of these were, of course, lower CBD content then reported on the label. 

While getting more CBD would usually be considered a good thing (there is no known toxicity level for CBD, even when administered in large doses orally), getting less than you paid for or was promised is unfair to the CBD buyer. 

That’s why we use third-party labs that certify that every batch meets or exceeds the minimum CBD content, as opposed to misleading statements about the total content of just hemp oil, but not actual CBD oil. 

Some bad actors will express the total amount of oil in their product as the actual amount of CBD, when in reality CBD makes up only a tiny fraction of the total oil by volume. 

At CBD Pure, our label clearly states the total CBD content in addition to the total hemp oil amount, so there is never any confusion about how much true CBD is in each and every bottle we sell.

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By now it should be clear, third-party testing is critical to knowing what’s in your CBD product. 

At CBD Pure, we use the best independent testing labs in the business. 

Each testing lab takes multiple batch samples, and codes them to their public test results. 

That way you can be sure which bottles corresponds with which test results. 

Our labs use gas chromatography, the most accurate analysis of oil content available through modern science. 

We are the only CBD seller that posts public lab results showing that all of our full-spectrum oil products use full-spectrum hemp oil meet or exceed the printed CBD content in every bottle we sell, and we back that with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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