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Organic Standards for CBD

January 1, 2018

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Is CBD Organic?

January 1, 2018

For many people, using organic products has become a way of life. While food is the primary category that health-conscious customers seek out organic standards in, many have expanded their desire to go organic to other health and beauty categories. 

For many, the more areas of their life that they can find and consume organic products, the better, and the health and wellness industry is no exception.

Unfortunately, how to define "organic" becomes a bit tricky for CBD health supplements. 

While most people have certain assumptions about what makes a product "organic", the truth is that the government controls the standards and certifications of what makes any product able to be called organic under the law. 

Organic standards are written and put in place by the Food and Drug Administration, and detail exactly what procedures and tests are required for a product to be certified organic. 

While this federal oversight provides consumers with a trusted, neutral authority to govern what producers must do to get organic certification, it is not applicable to Shop for CBD Products.

Because the U.S. government does not federally recognize CBD as a food product, or the hemp industry as a legitimate federally-regulated category in general, there is currently no federal organic standard for any cannabidiol products, anywhere. 

In contrast to states, which have their own recognition and agricultural guidelines encouraging best practices, the federal government will not certify any CBD or cannabidiol supplement or food product as organic, no matter what traditional organic standards they follow. 

The federal government "owns" the organic name and licensing authority for all food, drugs, and supplements, and until significant regulatory changes occur in government, it is not possible for any cannabidiol oil producer to be certified organic. 

Any CBD seller stating that their product is "Certified Organic" by the government is misleading their potential customers.

Despite the lack of federal recognition, many CBD producers recognize that following organic practices is the best for their customers, and CBD Pure is no exception. 

From soil to oil, every step of our growing, harvesting, extraction, and bottling process is aimed at following the spirit of organic procedures and standards, at the highest level. 

Our farm land is selected for soil purity, and our farms have previously received organic certification for non-hemp related crops. Independent soil, water, and microbe tests are conducted at the beginning of each growing season, before the first hemp seed is ever planted. 

We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides, and all fertilizers are composed of organic material only. 

We use no chemical solvents to extract our cannabidiol from the hemp plant after harvest, and we use no other ingredients or preservatives besides cannabidiol and hemp oil in our finished oils. 

We think you will agree, our devotion to following the highest standards shows through in the final product and its purity.

We certify that we follow the below standards at CBD Pure:

  • Testing soil and farm acreage for toxins and chemical residues
  • Planting hemp seeds that have not been genetically altered (non-GMO)
  • Growing CBD-rich hemp without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides
  • Using only chemical-free natural fertilizers during the growing season
  • Harvesting hemp plants using only manual and mechanical processes
  • Extracting cannabidiol from our hemp biomass using no chemical solvents, only CO2
  • Bottling CBD Oil with only naturally-derived hemp carrier oil
  • Adding no non-natural additives or preservatives to our finished CBD products

Where ever possible, we strive to comply with the ideals of organic standards, throughout our growing and processing chain, using minimal processing and only natural ingredients. Independent lab tests and results of every product are maintained for public record, and our test results can be viewed here. Should you have any questions about these processes or how we maintain organic ideals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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