CBD Laws in Arizona

June 25, 2020

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CBD Legality in Arizona

June 25, 2020

Applicable Laws: 2018 federal Agriculture Improvement Act, Arizona Senate Bill 1098

Arizona has taken a very permissive approach to hemp-derived CBD within the state. A 2014 court case held that CBD could be considered medically necessary, and thus must be made available, even without a prescription. 

Subsequent cases involving minors and foster children have affirmed that cannabidiol, can be possessed purchased, and used by all Arizona citizens, including minors.

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Arizona was one of the first states to adopt a Hemp Research Pilot Program under the 2014 Farm Bill, allowing for both farmers and processors to grow and process hemp-derived products, so long as the total THC content was below the federal limit of 0.3%. 

Governor Ducey signed into law SB1098 in May of 2018 opening up the cultivation of industrial hemp by Arizona farmers, and and authorized the Arizona Department of Agriculture to issue cultivation licenses. 

There are currently no regulations or requirements for brick and mortar retailers governing the sale of federally-compliant CBD products within their retail establishments. 

Out of state CBD retailers are free to promote to and sell CBD products to Arizona customers online.

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